Pulling My Dick Out In The Backseat

Pulling My Dick Out In The Backseat

Your Boy is Back! 

Officially back in the game, already getting deep into my first week. After taking about 3 months off, I am ready to conquer the world. I am doing a 21 day challenge, pretty much going to be going out every single time I can. Or rather, I will be focusing on “Being” Superman, rather than merely pretending to, which takes a daily commitment. 

I will not lie, I am rusty as fuck, but at the same time I feel invincible as weird as that sounds. Goes back to the whole Super Saiyan 2 thing I talked about and reaching a whole new level of consciousness. I enjoyed the time away, and got some time to work on my business. The iPhone app has been submitted and approved by Apple and will be on sale in the App Store whenever I click the publish button, just waiting to send out the marketing material before going live. May be I’ll strike it rich and will be able to travel the world…a brotha can dream.

Taking a Bootcamp

I just confirmed with Adam and Amanda Lyons and I will be attending their bootcamp that comes to DC in the next 2 weeks. Baller!

Online Game

“All men are created equal. Some work harder in pre-season” – Emmit Smith

Although I was relaxing during my break I knew I couldn’t let up and had to put in some work so that when I came back I was hitting the ground hard. After what happened with the Japanese girl I knew I had to solidify my dates. I wanted to make that shit as smooth as butter, pretty much automatic. I wanted to make my dates so smooth that when the girls show up they will have nothing to do but fall down the well-greased date, like a prey falling into a spider trap. Once it gets caught, it’s over. 

Spider Baby Web Trap
Spider Trap. Check Mate.

The top dogs of the industry that I trust claim to be as close to automatic on dates as you get. Vin DiCarlo has gone over 4 years banging every date he has. Sinn has gone over 2 years banging every date he has. Jeffy of RSD claims to bang 90% of the dates he has. I want to get to that level and know it will take proper planning, especially with logistics.

I concluded that to get to that level I have to go on as many dates as possible to get the practice, and I could use online game to help with getting the dates. I worked on my new online game strategy this summer, and refined to a point that I am now more successful than in the past. 

It included cheating the system by doing some hacks that put it on auto-pilot and applying some game theory strategies to find the dominant strategy for me. I am already tasting the fruits of my labor.

Plenty of Fish

Using the new system I have I get a message from a Black girl on POF saying the following:

Her: Hey you! I saw that you were checking me out…and also that you like dancing! I think we could get along..lol So hit me up!

I take a look at her profile and I’m not attracted to her, she’s kinda big. I think about it and remember this quote:

“Are you here to get the girl, or are you here to get the skill?” – DJ Fuji

I know I need to work on my skill for dates and could use the practice. She could be my guinea pig to evolve my date setup and help work out the kinks. I decide to find the positives in her, she has really BIG TITTIES. 

I respond and cut straight to the chase:

Me: hmm…you’re a down to earth girl…I like lol. you have a number where I can talk to you babe.

Her: Yes, it’s ***-***-****. So now you can tell me your name! Mine’s *her name*.


Me: This is your prince charming…call me *my name* 4:34 PM

Her: Haha hello *my name*…how are you? ~Peace&Love~ 7:16 PM

Me: I’m feeling like a god! Join me for a wine and stimulating conversation tmrw 9:25 PM

Her: Hmm…sounds good to me! Where are you located? ~Peace&Love~ 9:57 PM

Me: Very close to dc. Let’s do Georgetown, I know a great spot there. 6pm? 10:20 PM

Her: That’s perfect since I go to acting school in Georgetown! So I know the area a bit… ~Peace&Love~ 10:23 PM

Me: Great, I’ve done some improv. Will talk about it. Let’s meet at barnes and noble and go from there 10:32 PM

Her: perfect! I know exactly where that is! ~Peace&Love~ 10:32 PM

Setting a sexual tone…

Me: See you tmrw. Wear something cute and sexy 10:34 PM

Her: Ditto! lol ~Peace&Love~ 11:12 PM


Quick Kill advised me before my break, that if logistics are hard for me, I could take girls to the park and bang them there. So this was the plan.

Meet at Barnes & Noble -> Grab Drinks -> Makeout at Old Stone House Park Benches-> Bang in the Park

Meeting at B&N was just to add an extra venue, since having drinks and then going to the park to bang seemed kinda too fast. I chose wine since I learned my lesson with the museum dates, and alcohol in her body is better for me. In addition, the seductive mood of a lounge puts me in a sexual state, which naturally transfers over to her.

The place I picked had happy hour prices, with a glass of red wine only costing $4, so I knew it would be economically sufficient.

Tit for Tat

Her: Mr. *my name*….are we still on for 6? ~Peace&Love~ 2:42 PM
Me: Yes 2:46 PM
Her: Coolio see you there! I’ll probably be chilling in the magazine area…. ~Peace&Love~ 4:29 PM
Me: 4:34 PM
Her: And you’re sure you’re a sane non serial killer guy? lol ~Peace&Love~ 4:57 PM

This bitch had the nerve. I know I was moving very fast from online to meeting up and it’s not the first time a broad from online has said that. I think about ignoring it but soon realize the error in that strategy. I know that in the game theory of iterated games, the best strategy is “Tit for Tat’ otherwise known as punishing bad behavior whenever it comes up. I know not answering will be passively accepting her frame of me being a “serial killer” and I know from my online game test interactions during the summer, that trying to “absurd and amplify” does not work in this case.

Her: Just fyi I’m here! ~Peace&Love~ 5:58 PM

Abundance…Hacking the System.

Abundance. Looks Fruitful.

I know I have abundance, I had 11 other bitches messaging me from POF and OKCupid that day, I don’t need this shit. I actually consider flaking on her if she doesn’t come correct and fix her behavior. That should teach her ass a lesson. So I tell her:

Me: If you think I’m a serial killer I might as well not show up :) 6:04 PM
Her: Haha I don’t think you are,. just making sure you aren’t! there’s a difference! lol ~Peace&Love~ 6:05 PM
Me: Alright will be there in 20 min 6:08 PM
Her: Ok I moved up to the cafe area on the 2nd floor ~Peace&Love~ 6:11 PM

Barnes & Noble

I arrive 40 minutes later at 6:40. Being consistently late on dates is a pattern for me, and I like it that way. Makes them second guess and worry. I go to the second floor Starbucks and meet up with her. We sit at the tables and talk for about 10 minutes with the sole purpose of passing time at a different venue. I banter with her and have the usual get to know you conversation. I then suggest we head to Mie N Yu for drinks.

She mentions that she parked near by and wanted to make sure she didn’t get a ticket. The spider trap tingles…I realize I could use it to my advantage and isolate her back to the car, rather than going to the park. I make a mental note. She decides to check the car after we’re done.

Mie N Yu

We go to the lounge seating by the bar and I order a red wine. The bar tender asks my date what she’s having, and I’m put on the spot. He lumps our tabs together…there goes my idea of discretely asking for separate tabs. I already hate the bar tender.

She’s indecisive and finally orders a Long Island iced tea and we continue the conversation. After a bit I get into the “Questions Game” and we go back and forth asking each other questions.

Hungry Gold Digger

The bitch keeps looking at the menu saying she’s hungry. Food was not in my plan, nor in my budget, especially at this expensive ass restaurant I picked. I only picked it for the expensive visual aesthetics and drinks, not the food. I just straight up ignore it and keep talking. 

She asks me if I’m getting any food and I tell her no, I’m not hungry and I’m watching my weight, it’s a gym thing…damn well knowing I haven’t been to the gym this year at all, and the only exercise I get is walking lots of miles from day game haha.

We go back to the questions game. A while later she’s still looking at the menu and says she’s hungry but is totally broke. I look at her and don’t flinch. She says she expected me to be a “Gentleman” and pay for the date so she didn’t bring much money. Being the new Objectivist that I am, I tell her I am not a gentleman, and that I am a Rational Man

RationalityA rational decision is one that is not just reasoned, but is also optimal for achieving a goal or solving a problem.

We get back to talking and bantering. We talk about books, movies and everything else.

Clarity of Intent

Knowing my pitfalls from previous dates, I had a specific line ready to clearly state my intent for the date. It’s a line my wing Prince P told me works well for him on dates, and is a classic Juggler line. During dates he pulls out a chapstick and tells the girl, “Not to presume anything, but in case there’s any smooching later on“.

I don’t use chapstick, I’m old-school like Usher and lick my lips, nor am I carrying or buying one. So I come up with my own version, which I would find ingenious.

At some point in the conversation I ask her:

Me: Do you wear lip gloss?
Her: Yes…blah blah blah
Me: What flavor?
Her: Mentos blah blah blah
Me: Oh…I was just curious…in case there’s any smooching later tonight
Her: what? not hearing me because of the loud bar noise
Me: I repeat myself while looking her in the eyes
Her: She laughs and smiles and I know I got her

Bitch Please

We talk some more and the girl keeps saying she’s hungry and I ignore it. She mentions moving her car for parking, and I say lets finish up our drinks and then head out.

I tell the bar tender we’re done and he brings the bill. I look at it and I flip out when I see that her drink was $10 and not on the happy hour special. I’m thinking to myself I better not be paying for this shit! My red wine came out conveniently slightly under $4. 

Knowing the gold diggerness about to ensue, I tell her I only have $10 and pull it out. She says she only has change….

I look at her like, bitch please! I tell her “Are you saying we’re going to have to wash the dishes?”. She laughs and pulls out some dollar bills but we’re still short a few. I think to myself, this girl better put out if she expects this brotha to pay her bill.

She mentions that if I knew how much of a “feminist” she was, I would understand. I tell point blank, if she knew how much of a “sexist” I was, she would also understand. She laughs. A few minutes later realizing shits going no where I pull out a few dollar bills I had in my wallet and she pulls out some more change then we head out.

Moving Her Van

We head outside and as we’re walking toward her car, I ask her if she’s the romantic type and she says yes. I grab her arm and walk arm-in-arm with her, then push her away very quickly and she laughs. I then grab her hands and we walk holding hands towards her car and she says it’s so sweet.

We enter her van and I tell her lets go park by the water front and check it out since she had never been. On the drive over there she blurts out about “Balls in the face!” when some guy gets in her way while driving. I ask her if she likes “Balls in her face”, and she says it’s her curse word expression whenever she’s angry.

I immediately know, and tell myself this bitch is a freak!!!! No holding back!

Water Front

Bridge at Water Front
Before Going to the Benches

We arrive and then walk around the water front holding hands looking at the water. I tell her we should sit by the benches (Yes, I love benches if you haven’t noticed) to rest and she complies. While on the benches she says she has to text her friend and I ask her what she’s texting. I joke that I’ll text her friend for her. She laughs and then I tell her to wait and text her friend this.

I pull her in and kiss her, and tell her to text her that. We kiss some more, and then she texts her friend that I’m nice. I laugh and tell her “I am far from nice, I am the devil!” 

Getting Horny

We kiss some more and I put her hand on my stomach trying to get it closer to the goods, she asks if I was trying to put it on my dick. I grab it and put it on my dick. She grabs that shit and I know it’s on. I look at her titties and she says they’re DDs. I grab them and jiggle them. She asks if I’ve ever measured how long my dick is and I say yes. She mentions that it’s not about the length, but rather the width that matters. I tell her I don’t have to worry about a thing. I think to myself how dare this bitch question the size of a Black man’s penis. Such transgression should be punished!


I tell her we should head back to her van to listen to a song on the new Jay Z & Kanye West Album, “Watch the Thrones” I had told her about…she agrees, both of us knowing whats going on.

We get in the van and I hook up my iPhone to her radio and start playing Lift Off on full blast and she rolls up the windows. I kiss her and then tell her lets get in the back since it’s more comfortable.

Pulling My Dick Out In the Backseat

We go at it and start making out. Learning my mistake from previous dates, I don’t bother with trying to escalate and just cut straight to the chase. I even surprised myself with the audacity I displayed. I had pre-mediated and planned for this, so I purposefully did not wear a belt on the date to make it easier.

While she’s kissing me I unbutton my pants and start pulling them down. I pull out my hard dick and grab her hand and guide it to it. She gets surprised when she sees what she’s holding and laughs. 

She starts jerking me, and I pull her top down while she pops out her massive DDs and I start sucking on them. I turn into a baby and suck on them like my life depended on it while she’s jerking me off.

After motor-boating them I grab her head and guide her towards my dick trying to motion her to give me a blow job. She retracts and says not on the first date!!!! I think to myself THE FUCK!!!! Whatever!

I push her towards me and put my dick in between her titties and start titty fucking her. She squeezes her titties on it and I start moaning. I stand up trying to titty fuck her better but the van is too tiny and cramped it’s just hilarious and we both laugh. It’s a kodak moment. 

I tell her to take off her pants, I want to finger her. She unbuttons them and I slip my finger down. I find my way there and start fingering her for a bit and she starts moaning.

I go back to sucking her tits as she jerks me off. She starts complaining about the family parked across from us saying they could see us. We had parked facing the road, they could clearly see us if they wanted but I didn’t give a fuck…this brotha was concerned on busting a nut.

I tell her not to worry, saying they can’t see us, we’re both black, we blend in with the darkness! I get back to my titty fucking as she’s still complaining but still massaging and tickling my balls. She grabs a towel and blocks the view so that no one can see.

I ask her if she has a condom to gauge her reaction, even though I had one. She says she has one but no sex on the first date. She says she can get one to jerk off in and I don’t even bother with that or pulling mine out. At this point I didn’t care for fucking her, and would rather have gotten a blow job.

She jerks me off but bitch isn’t doing it for me, I think it had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t attracted to her and I had jerked off earlier to porn that day…like four times haha. What can I say, I’m a fiend, it’s in my DNA to have a high sex drive, that’s my justification courtesy of Richard Dawkins and The Selfish Gene.

I decide to jerk myself while kissing her, and then beating my dick on her tits. I’m half way there and get over the hump by picturing a hotter girl giving me a blow job. I shoot the load on her tits and she gets surprised with how far it went. I surprised myself as well, I didn’t expect after masturbating four times that day that I would have that much cum in me…I guess imagining the hotter girl really worked…just like Science claimed it will haha.


I think I’m done with this chic, not likely going to get in touch with her. Too many fishes out in the sea and I got the practice I needed. Maybe if she hits me up and wants to give me a blow job or more, then maybe I’ll consider it. Right now I want to work on better options.


Like I suspected, I am definitely at a new state of consciousness ever since coming back. Being the new rational man that I am, there are somethings that I will do, and some that I will not. The main premise that I have right now that is drastically different from before is this, which I’m turning into an Axiom.

Axiom “I will rather lose playing by my terms, than playing by hers. Women don’t give credit for playing by theirs.”

Not Economically Sustainable

I have internalized this along with game theory strategies and I like the effect its had on me. Speaking of game theory strategies, I can’t keep on paying for these girls expensive ass drinks, it’s not economically sustainable. I was firm and she still managed to get me to pay for most of it.

This is why going on lots of dates will help out with evolving an evolutionary stable strategy. What I think I’ll do next time is just pick her drink for her, and get her a red wine as well and close the tab as soon as we get our drinks. Worst case there is I’ll just end up spending less than $7.

Pants Down

This was simple and effective for me. While kissing her, I guide her hands to the goods, and if she’s not hesitant in grabbing them, I just isolate and pull my pants down. No fucking around with any kino escalation bullshit.

Online Game

Looking back, I can say it was worth the work investing in and working on online game. It will definitely help me with working on my dates and spider trap. I am working on other girls and my goal is to have at least one date each week, which I think is reasonable and doable.


  1. Online Game
  2. Texting
  3. Rational Self-Interest
  4. Handling Logistics
  5. Questions Game
  6. Statement of Intent
  7. Creating and Seizing Moment to Kiss
  8. Pulling Dick Out Smoothly
  1. Not Persistent With Getting A Blow Job
  2. Paying Too Much Money

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     AWESOME! well done man keep it up!

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    Thanks brah!

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    On a side note, how was the bootcamp with the Lyons?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11414291704797607667 Superman

    It was great, I got a solid understanding of the fundamentals in game and haven’t needed to learn any pua theory after it. I did a review of it here http://www.thejourneyofsuperman.com/2011/12/afc-adam-lyons-bootcamp-review.html