Online Dating Hack: Part 3 (OKCupid, POF, Zoosk, Match)

Online Dating Hack: Part 3 (OKCupid, POF, Zoosk, Match)

Update: OKCupid Quickmatch Hack

Catch up on my previous online dating hacks with these posts:

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I just found out that the above hacks have been patched by OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. Time for a new online dating hack to change up the game again.

Part 3: Automated Personalized Mass Messaging

I had hinted at being able to send mass messages in Part 1, and that still works. I had thought about creating an advanced script that does it, until my wing Prince P put me on to this software called “Dating Messenger” he had been using for a while. Its software created by a PUA, for PUAs…and guys that wanna get as many online dates as possible without wasting time.

That bastard!!! He had me in the dark about such a marvelous piece of software. It explained why he was “killing it” with online dating. He was getting more online dates than I was with my previous hacks.

In essence this is how it works.


1 – You create a message template and fill it in with place-holder variables such as “age, location, hobbies, etc.”
2 – It goes to a woman’s profile, finds the place-holder variables on her profile, for instance her hobbies, and pastes them into your message template to make it look like you actually read her profile
3 – It sends the message
4 – It repeats it as many times as you want, for each different site and account you have setup and can be left to run on autopilot

For example, a template could be the following:

Generic Message Template

“Hey punk, I can’t believe you live in #cityname and do #hobbie! You know what they say about girls that do #hobbie in #cityname?

- Your name

You can then for instance, have it send that generic message template and blast it to 50 girls on POF, 50 on OKC. It goes on each girls profile on that site and replaces the place-holder variables, in this case, #cityname and #hobbie with the actual city and hobbies the girl lists on her profile. Obviously having it put message delays between each message to not tip off their anti-spam bots.

This makes it seem like you actually “read” her profile and did not just copy and paste.

Mind Blown!

This is pure genius! I had thought about creating a software like this as well, an SEnuke for online dating so to speak. But ever since I veered off from online dating to scooping up models on modeling sites, I never followed up with it, I figured this software had it covered.

I have not tested this software out personally, I am content with my system on modeling sites, but I know my wing Prince P has tested it out with lots of success. He learned it from “Black Dragon PUA,” the actual creator of the software so I wanna give a shout out to him as well. He definitely changed up the game for guys, this is what we call in the business world, a “competitive advantage”.

The only down side is that it isn’t “FREE!” There’s a free trial that lets you send 50 messages. But shit, if I had taken the time to create this software, I would charge for it as well.

Download it here

Enjoy the hack and let me know how you guys do with it.

Until next time, lets make a toast!

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  • Superman

    That’s ridank.

  • Superman

    Yes sir, game changer.

  • Superman

    As a woman I have to say that message screams “I did not read your profile”

    I get about 5 messages like this a day and delete them all. Good luck douche.

  • Superman

    A message with excerpts from a profile screams someone did not read a profile? Really? I guess your logic must mean we’re just guessing what’s on your profile with 100% accuracy then. You must believe in magic as well then. Calling someone a douche does not change reality. Reality remains the same regardless of your feelings. The results do not lie! Oh, and our messages are meant to screen out girls like you as well.

  • Superman

    Are you looking to MEET WOMEN?

    Want to know the best dating website out there?

  • Superman

    Vanessa is right. You seem like a smart man who could turn that intelligence into whatever you want to build in the world.

    Your “filters,” being designed to mislead, will filter out smart women. Filters like that IRL must create a very skewed experience of women.

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