Hacking OKCupid

Hacking OKCupid

NOTE: Seems OKCupid patched these hacks and they aren’t working anymore. Click here for more recent hacks that work.

While hanging out on the infamous Roosh V forums and exchanging online dating hacks with the fellas on there, I came across these new hacks.

Used in tandem these small hacks could up your OKCupid game.


Wanna be able to search exclusively by hotness and filter out by weight without paying money to be an a-list user….

OKSearch exploits a tiny vulnerability in OkCupid’s searching method to allow fully featured searching. In layman terms, this lets you search just like an a-list user! The vulnerability and the way to work with it are explored in this thread.


Wanna know how ugly…I mean how hot OKCupid thinks you are…this hack does just that. The ratings are determined from their quickmatch rating game.

OkMirror lets you find out your attractiveness rating (from 0 to 10,000) on OKCupid. All you have to do is enter your username into the box and press the button below!

OKCupid says I’m a 3-star rating…add on the fact that I’m a Black guy online and it’s more realistically like a 1-star rating…what a bunch of faggots. I’ll stick to pulling models off of modeling sites.


OkCreeper makes creepin on OkCupid easy. Browse profiles anonymously without having to switch between accounts or turn on anonymous browsing. All you have to do is enter the username you want to look up and click the button below.

If the links above happen to not work for you, you can access them from the main page here, OKCupid Hacks.

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  • Jeffdude78

    These services have been retired…. What happened? For a few weeks, my life was so great!

  • http://supermanpua.blogspot.com/ Superman

    Looks like the guy that made the hacks took them down. I know what you mean, but adaptation is the name of the game. Good things usually never last forever.