Art Museum Approaches

Went to an art museum event last Friday with Dave and Guy Rock. Shit was bananas! Lots of people and free drinks. Here’s the infield video. If you’re too lazy to watch the whole thing, the best approach I did is below, fast forwarded.

Art Museum Walk

Museum girl working there
- Complimented her dress
- Didn’t build commonality and left

Guatemala Girl 
- Situational opener about art
- Ditched her for the food

Shark Tooth Girl 
- Situational opener about her necklace
- Interrupted by speakers speech
- Very logical, could have used more emotional language
Two Girls Dave Opened Earlier 
- Situational opener, asked if they knew each other
- Built some basic comfort then broke rapport on the brunette about her fashion, worked well
- Never rebuilt comfort after breaking rapport, they end up leaving

Improvements: Rebuild comfort after breaking rapport. Spend more effort in trying to find commonalities and digging deeper
Art Museum

Artist Girl # Number Close

- Situational opener about art piece
- Found out she’s an artist and liked fashion. Told her about my fashion magazine

- Got her number, but she stays an hour away from DC. Will see where this goes
Improvements: Spend more time building commonality, and spend more time seeding meeting up for my photo shoots

Cute girl with dude 
- Situational, asked dude what the lettering on his baseball cap was
- Girl was asking me questions, didn’t game further since she was with a dude
- My fuckup, should have figured out how they knew each other, then continued to game from there and get her number
Improvements: Don’t eject a set just because a guy is in it, figure out their relationship before ejecting
Two girls at food table
- Situational, opened by saying pretzels were great
- She was receptive and invested a lot. Could have gotten her number
Could have done an “events/place” close by asking her to text me the details about good places in Howard, and potentially checking them out with her
Improvements: Spend more time building commonalities, and utilize events/place number closes more 
Four set people watching 
- Situational, open a four set, two girls, two guys by asking if they are people watching, my target is the cute girl in the corner
- Start talking about traveling to Africa, 6 min in 2 dudes (AMOGs) come in, they try to tool me when we shake hands but quickly cower when they realize I ain’t no chode and start apologizing. 
- Could have put more effort in building commonality about Africa, since I’m from there, and used that to justify staying in touch and finding out more about the program she did
Improvements: Using the first good commonality I get as a means to stay in touch
Indian Girl thinks I’m from some band
- Seemed to be there with the guy, could have involved befriended the guy rather than ignoring him, if I was looking to pick her up
Cute Asian girl with racist parents
- Opened by asking where next museum was
- Was receptive and talked about teaching abroad and video games
- Mom comes out of nowhere and drags her away
Black girl working at the door
- Opened by asking if she wanted to join the list as well
- Talked about renting out venue for photo shoot
- Gave me her email…

Overall Takeaway: Didn’t realize that almost all my openers were situational till I watched the video. Spend more time building commonalities and number closing as soon as I get one that the girl is into.

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  • Lloyd

    thanks for posting this pimp

  • Superman

    no problem pimp!

  • Foo

    Was this Asian thing at the Sackler?

  • Superman

    Asian thing? If you mean the art reception, it was in dupont