2009 in Review

With the year almost over, I want to take some time out to go over my progress thus far.

April: I got back into the game, was rolling solo dolo, had severe AA since I was stuck upon going “Direct” but couldn’t. I had a bad case of Yellow Fever with a grad student researcher for one of my professors haha :p

May: I finished 40 days of sexual transmutation, I found the local lair forums, and discussed my progress from hitting the gym the entire semester.

June: I joined Brad P’s 30/30 club (not really, pirated the shit :p), worked on my identity of a “Cultured Business Man”, met up w/wings from the local lair forums for the first time, went to my first happy hour, discovered the jazz festival and winged for the first time w/Djinn, tried out Hypnotica’s Collection of Confidence and went to AU for the first time where I discovered my MOJO.

July: Went to the Skyline pool w/Identity, learned about how everything is all in my head. Did Day Game in Dupont Circle w/my boy Faz…good times. Started working on Direct Game for the first time, the classic “Food Opener” was born, learned the OLD AFC was still in me when I froze up after having the hottest woman I’ve ever seen give me BLANTANT IOIs and I couldn’t do shit. Got my first Street Game phone number, got Google Voice, Faz had to go back for school, met Miracle and we started gaming together.

August: Creative Avoidance – I realized how many missed opportunities I was letting pass by. Decided to prepare for school by doing 100 approaches this month, got my first fake number lol, discovered I was doing better w/seated approaches, had a PUA reunion at the Jazz fest and learned I was seeking too much value when approaching as Subzero put it. Mode One girl picked me up and ended up flaking when it came time to fuck! Haha. Food opener hooked on Asian girl at Jazz fest, best approach of the month. Tried going for the same day lay but she wanted to get back to her friends when I isolated. Stopped doing other systems and strictly focused on Brad P’s shit. Worked on Presence (Body language, tonality, and positioning). I met Jdub and we started gaming together. Went to AU for the first stop of the PUA College Tour and tor shit up, approached and number closed Indian girl and girl from Long Island. Went back the next day for Part 2 and tor shit up again, had fastest number closes yet, brazil girl was 2 minutes, Russian girl was 30 seconds…textbook Paul Janka 2 minute movie trailer. Had a Eureka Moment, decided I wasn’t going for the girls I was really attracted to. Went to my first lair talk with AFC Adam and it changed my life…will never forget it. Did first approach at school, didn’t close well, ALWAYS BE CLOSING! And finally decided I needed to grow some BALLS!

September: School started, I had trouble approaching with all the social pressure. Did Brad P’s Social Freedom exercises, learned what it was like to have “Social Freedom” and pushed my comfort zone. Jdub gave me the “Man in the Arena” talk when I was pussying out going direct at UMD. Jdub calls me out for being a pussy and I finally do the Shocker Openers. Met “The Wolf Howls” and saw what it was like to have no AA lol. Went to Happy Hour Meetup solo, did pretty well in being in set but didn’t persist in blowing out the great wall of china cock blocks (3 dudes) when I saw an Asian lady that was my perfect type…shit…regret! Missed window of opportunity when girl I approached at school BBQ hinted about inviting me to her place for dinner! Went to another lair talk, with DJ Fuji and this one changed my life as well…will never forget DJ Fuji’s words. Decided “The Veto Game” gave me more social freedom and bigger BALLS than Brad P’s Social Freedom exercises.

October: Decided to stop strictly following the 30/30 club since it wasn’t my kind of style, started to focus on Direct and Natural game. Met new wing Vicious, Live Forever and Southern Style and we made a pact to kick Direct AA to the curb. Started doing “Suicides” and pushed social freedom to the limit. Had one of my worst AA moments at school w/Jdub and A Money where it took me 3+ hrs to do 3 direct approaches. Went to UMD and redeemed myself by having one of my best days yet. Learned what it’s like to be focused on the “PRESENT MOMENT”. Insta-dated sexy librarian to bar, my first insta-date yet, she paid for our drinks :-), but had trigger anxiety when it came to bouncing back to her place…the biggest windows of opportunity I missed yet! REGRET!!! I fuckin’ replay this shit almost every day like a dropped game winning pass in the Superbowl haha! Met new wing Fidemus, who gave me the best advice yet about my direct AA…”Feel the Approach”. Using this, and my new system of “Assuming Attraction” and interpreting all signals from girls as IOIs I did my first direct approach at school where no one pushed me :-) I also celebrated my 21st birthday, which meant the start of “Bar Game” for me. And lastly, I got my first day 2 from a cold approach with the BBQ girl. Clumsily worked my way from grabbing a bite to eat, to her place and eventually to her bedroom where I CHODED OUT! Lol.This is where I learned my kino sticking point and leading smoothly.

November: Had a Day 3 w/BBQ girl where she brought a chode. I got pissed off, ignored her and when the chode left rather than continuing to game her I also left…I let my ego get the best of me. Reached a level where I had almost no Direct AA. Went to UMD w/Live Forever and did my first direct approach in a crowded public setting on a girl sited at a table w/friends and chodes looking at me…haha FUCK SOCIAL PRESSURE! Ballsiest approach I’ve done yet! Started 21 day challenge, wasn’t successful in completing everything. Hit on girls at school alumni event, discovered I had Bar AA lol and was having haphazard progress. Went to Georgetown w/Vicious and insta-dated girl from bookstore, although I wasn’t attracted I learned I need to make things sexual. First time at ESL, did well, got lots of IOIs and opened woman at the bar, but didn’t smoothly isolate chic. KAMI was discovered. Wrote down 25 reasons women should date me, Long Island girl from AU texts me, prolly broke up w/bf so I seed a day 2.

December: Reviewed my progress thus far, I gave myself a “C-“. My text game and follow up game after number closing has become pretty good. Had Day 2 with Long Island girl from AU. Got compliance when she came all the way to foggy bottom when it was planned to rain. Had tea in plastic cups lol and bounced to Georgetown. Didn’t do any major kino, or pull the trigger for a kiss. Had no concrete isolation location. Still having sticking point of making things sexual. Superman catches Oneitis and Yellow Fever at the same time with a girl at school I’ve wanted to fuck for two years who gives me major IOIs. I hesitate and don’t seize the windows of opportunities which results in me not fucking her :-( …will have to wait until next semester to man the fuck up! I decide Mode One might help me out when it comes to making things sexual and decide to start incorporating it into my game. I finish up Vin DiCarlo’s Dating Diablo exercises and the school semester is over. I spend my time at home working on revamping my game during the break. Work on my sticking points by reading up and studying on Vin DiCarlo and Paul Janka’s shit, since I have time w/out school and I’m locked indoors. Started doing some online game.

Man what a year! As DJ Fuji put it, the game is 50 times harder than I expected it to be…but the reward is 50,000 times worth it as I will find out.

I can feel the change…PU is now becoming a part of my identity. Having all these reference points of experience I can feel that 2010 is gonna be the year of SUPERMAN!


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